The purpose of this site is to share some thoughts along life’s journey.  My own path has had its ups and downs; some smooth traveling and also potholes that sent me flying. Even so, the journey is always survivable and it’s always with purpose because Father God is leading the way.  I’m doing my best to follow.

My life has been one of travel, adventure, and unusual experiences.  I grew up the daughter of an Air Force Sergeant who later became a church pastor and Bible teacher. My mother was a Kindergarten teacher and a children’s church leader.  We lived in so many places. I spent my High School years in Hawaii and Florida.  When I left home as a young adult, I first went to a university in Tennessee and then left for a missionary career in Europe and countries beyond.  The last 40 years I have divided my time between work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, England, and the southeastern states of the USA.

Over the years I have had some amazing opportunities to hike in the Bavarian Alps, travel behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’ of Eastern Europe, ride a train from Shanghai to the southern parts of China, take a helicopter ride to a glacier in the Tien Shen mountains, and spend a week on a canal boat in England, mooring for two nights below Windsor Castle.  I had the humbling experience of walking through the Walled City of Hong Kong before it was torn down.  It was a den of drugs and prostitutes; a place where the love of God burst forth through the love and determination of Jackie Pullinger.  I’ve had the humbling pleasure of taking clothes and food to those who had little or none in Central Asia, giving medicines to many who could never have obtained it themselves, being involved in a humanitarian outreach that gives aid, comfort, and hope to those overlooked by bigger organizations.  I’ve watched as children squealed in delight with a toy they never dreamed would be there own, and I’ve watched grandmothers cry when we gave them food their meager pensions could never buy.  My heartstrings have tugged with the pain of dear friends who have run for their lives in a bloody “ethnic cleansing,” wading waist-deep through a rushing river to safety with children in their arms, while those filled with hatred and violence chased them with machetes.  In recent years I’ve seen my greatest bucket list dream come true — I volunteered in Africa for two months, up close and personal with its wildlife.  I worked with a wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe, saw the beautiful Victoria Falls, zip- lined across the Zambezi Gorge, came across a family of giraffe while hiking in South Africa, and witnessed the Great Migration of wildebeests rushing through the Mara River in Tanzania. Tears of joy sprang to my eyes when, after hours of hiking up the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, our guides slashing away jungle vines with machetes, I sat with an entire family of Silverback Gorillas.  These gentle animals were welcoming and uninhibited by our presence.  I’ve had the privilege of training with a team of veterinary professionals in two different veterinary practices in the USA.  I’ve shared in the joy of watching someone’s beloved pet get well and I’ve cried my own tears to watch another pet slip from this earth.   I’ve sat cross-legged on the floor of a yurt in Central Asia sharing a meal of boiled sheep’s lungs, bumped along in a jeep where there were no roads, and lived in places with no heat or electricity for long periods of time.  I’ve walked through slums in India, meeting people who sleep in sewers or live in large garbage dumps.  I’ve met nomads in high mountain places, met a president of a Central Asian country, once shared a dessert with Alan Alda, coffee with Charlton Heston, and shook hands with Henry Kissinger.  In my childhood I lived with my family for 18 months on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean.  It was a place of no cars, thousands of Albatross, and collecting glass balls from broken fishing nets that floated to the island was a hobby for all residents.  It was there the late Bob Hope landed with his crew, returning from his Christmas tour to Vietnam.  In the early hours of the morning they entertained us, too.  My list goes on and on of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, adventure, and travel to the “back of beyond” and back.  Through it all, whether joyful or sad, my greatest encouragement, constant companion, and the one with whom I could share it all, has been my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He promised in Hebrew 13: 5 to, “never leave me or forsake me.”  I have found this to be true.

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  1. Vickie, what an inspiration you are. You are someone who I feel honored to be my friend , you have brought me peace of mine and I look forward to all that you write…I wish for you continued good health and all the time you need to continue with the Lords work that you do…I love you my sweet friend..

    • Lederle, It was a lovely gift from Father the day He put us in touch with each other. It’s amazing to think we’ve yet to meet face to face. I count you one of my treasures from Father. Thank you Lederle for all your prayers and encouragements to me. You have my continued prayers too. You’re a real trooper. Much love, Vickie

  2. Vickie, thank you for your writings along your journey. You have always been an inspiration to me and here in your newest experience of life you inspire me once again. We studied about Joshua this morning in Sunday School and how God told him to be strong and couraeous, and the reminded him at least three more times to be strong and courageous. I didn’t get around to asking my class the question, “who is the most courageous person you know?” When I answer that question, Vickie Blair comes immediately to the forefront. There are two people right now that I think are very courageous, and, they both happen to be women. Thanks for your faith and sharing the Father with everyone you know. We at County Line continue to pray for you.

    • Thank you, Lloyd, for encouraging me too. I am touched by your taking the time to write. You have encouraged me before. Please thank everyone at County Line. I remember you all warmly and look forward to seeing you all hopefully in the not too distance future. Love and blessings to you.

  3. Vickie, thank you so much for coming to visit with us this past Sunday. I have heard so many encouraging words about how people were challenged and inspired by your passion and the stories you shared with us. Thank you so much for modeling a life surrendered to the Father’s call. We will be lifting you up from now on and I will share this website with our people. We would love to have you back whenever you are close by and will be encouraging our people to partner with you in more significant ways.

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