The Monkees and An Ice Pick

March 7, 2012

So there I am this morning, back at the hospital, ready to receive an injected dye that will highlight the sentinel node for the surgeon tomorrow morning.  This is the radio-active dye which has made me wonder if I could actually glow in the dark.

The first thing that happens, of course, is the injection of the dye.  I’ve read the info sheet which clearly states the only pain felt is “a slight prick and stinging as the needle is inserted straight into the…..” well, never mind.  I will assure you, now from personal experience, that it is in no way “a slight prick and stinging” but more of a, let me see…..oh yes, I know…..more like an ice pick going into the center of….well, as I said before, never mind.  The ordeal only lasts about 4 seconds but I will never forget those 4 seconds; that’s because it’s not a “stinging” but a searing.   One doesn’t forget a searing.

The next instruction is to lay on my back onto a movable table that will ease me forward.  Digital panels are on either side of me and at times tilted to get photographs all around.  The point is to make certain the dye has indeed gone properly through to the sentinel node.  I am told to position my right arm above my head and hold it there for the next 45 minutes.  I’m also asked what music I would like and am given a selection from Classical, Jazz, or ‘Oldie Goldie’ Pop.  I choose Pop.  “Oh thank goodness,” says the technician.  “I get tired and sleepy with the usual request for Classical.”

I wriggle my toes in time to The Monkees singing “Take The Last Train To Clarksville.”    Then I close my eyes as the music makes me reminise my teeny bopper years.  Davy Jones is now singing “It’s Nice To Be With You”.  I recalled my plans to marry him when I grew up; either that or become a Brain Surgeon.  After a while I realize I’m humming to Mickey Dolenz singing “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.  I’m sure it’s not in tune but then I think to myself, it’s probably not too bad considering my humming comes so soon after the ice pick incident.

45 minutes later and it’s all over.  The technician wishes me well for my surgery tomorrow.  I thank her and I whisper a “thank you” to Father God too, for His presence and strength in the midst of storms and ice picks and for all tomorrow holds.  It has always been comforting for me at various times in my life to remind myself….we might question, “What will tomorrow bring?” but when tomorrow arrives, we find God has been there waiting and planning for us all the time.

I’ll write again after I’m home from the hospital.  Thank you everyone and blessings of peace and joy be yours.

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