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A Reflection in the Window

As I walk around the neighborhood with our dog, Jack, I notice that Christmas decorations are beginning to appear. Just yesterday afternoon, darkness already falling, I could see in the distance a lovely Christmas tree all aglow with purple and white lights. So lovely,… Continue Reading “A Reflection in the Window”


We all know that our attitude affects our feelings and behavior. A positive attitude brings about inner peace; a negative attitude adds to frustrations and inner turmoil. Is there anything we can do to develop a consistent, positive attitude, no matter the chaos that… Continue Reading “Attitude”

Being Light in the Darkness (#5 in series)

What Do You Want?

There is an interesting story found in Luke 18:35-42. We read that Jesus was going on His way and a crowd was following. Imagine the noise. People talking among themselves, hundreds of feet shuffling forward, sounds of laughter and varying levels of conversation. In… Continue Reading “What Do You Want?”

Seeking and Finding

A few days ago we had a beautiful, sunny autumn day, a pause from much rain. Our dog, Jack, and I were strolling along wooded paths and expanses of green fields. Yellow and bronze leaves covered the ground in places. Sitting on a park… Continue Reading “Seeking and Finding”

A Risk Worth Taking

This past week I have had several reminders of a trip I took seven years ago. It was a dream come true for me. I spent two months in Africa visiting South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Tanzania. In Zimbabwe it was a delight to… Continue Reading “A Risk Worth Taking”

How to be Light in a Dark World (#4 in series)

Well of Trouble or Shaft of Light?

Don’t we all get discouraged when something unfair happens to us? Focusing on the ill treatment alone brings nothing but deeper despair, feelings of isolation, a stab of rejection. These are not wholesome emotions on which to dwell. When left to run havoc, they… Continue Reading “Well of Trouble or Shaft of Light?”

How to be Light in a Dark World

Perceived Danger

I recalled a memory earlier this week about the first — and last — time I ever went skiing. This particular sport has never appealed to me, but one winter when I was living in Central Asia, a group of friends talked me into… Continue Reading “Perceived Danger”

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