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Who’s watching your back?

Our dog, Jack, loves a good game of chase, but not every dog wants to join in the game. One day this week Jack was running up to dogs, enticing them to chase. A few entered into the fun, but one dog, a large… Continue Reading “Who’s watching your back?”

Tumbling Down The Roof

Every Spring and Summer my mother and I enjoy watching a pair of seagulls who live on the roof across the street. We watch them build their nest, always amazed at how it stays on the roof no matter winds and rain that come.… Continue Reading “Tumbling Down The Roof”

A Wild Ride

I read a verse this week in Matthew 28:20. It says, “…And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” When I read the verse, a strong memory of long ago popped into my mind. I… Continue Reading “A Wild Ride”

“We don’t talk anymore.”

I read an article this week about a couple, married for over thirty years, who decided to separate. One of them remarked, “we don’t talk anymore.” Good and regular communication is vital to any relationship for it keeps the connection healthy. Irregular or abusive… Continue Reading ““We don’t talk anymore.””

Airborne like a bullet

There is a memory that brings my mother and me into fits of giggles every time we think of the incident when she was airborne like a bullet. It was years ago when we decided to join a local gym. We bought the right… Continue Reading “Airborne like a bullet”

When you are depressed

I never tire of the story found in the Old Testament book of II Chronicles 20. A man with the unusual name of Jehoshaphat was leading the army of Judah. War had just been declared on them, from not one, but three other armies.… Continue Reading “When you are depressed”

Who Lies All The Time?

I was enjoying some dog walking time with Jack. He was loping along the edge of a field, lost in his sniffing adventures. There were other dog walkers about, a few boys kicking a soccer ball, and a group of girls talking together. As… Continue Reading “Who Lies All The Time?”

the Beatitudes – #8 in series

Doing What We Know To Do

Acting by faith, believing by faith, stepping into the unknown by faith, can be daunting. Often we may cry in our own hearts, pleading to have more faith! We berate ourselves for lack of faith, but self scolding doesn’t really help to build our… Continue Reading “Doing What We Know To Do”

The Beatitudes – #7 in series

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