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Like A Tulip

My mother loves tulips. What a joy we shared together a few years ago when we made a trip to Holland just to see the fields of tulips. The colors were magnificent! Just yesterday, a dear friend gave my mother and I a bouquet… Continue Reading “Like A Tulip”

On What Do We Focus?

Mug of steaming coffee in hand, I turned on the TV news this morning to see what may have happened in the world overnight. There were reports of floods in Texas, a brewing tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, fires in Canada, the… Continue Reading “On What Do We Focus?”


This past week I watched a television news brief about a new 3-D image of the Titanic. Several cameras were sent around this once magnificent ship. As a result, an accurate image is now transposed for us to see it as it is now,… Continue Reading “Unsinkable”

Jack and Bree

Earlier this week, our dog, Jack, and I were taking a walk beneath an avenue of trees near the sea front. It was a lovely, just right, sort of day with a blue sky, warm sunshine, squirrels jumping from limb to limb and birds… Continue Reading “Jack and Bree”

Trials and Joy

Last night as I turned out the light and lay in bed, I began talking with the Lord about numerous things. It’s a habit of many years to have a talk with Him before I drift off into the land of slumber. I pray… Continue Reading “Trials and Joy”

Tempted in the Desert

The desert is a physical place, but it is also a spiritual place. It is a place where we can feel great loneliness. We discover our hunger and our thirst in the desert. We see vast expanses of barrenness that for many holds no… Continue Reading “Tempted in the Desert”

“Even Though”

Yesterday I had a lovely visit with dear friends who are currently going through some serious health issues. As we talked together, our conversation turned to Psalm 46:1-3, “God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will nor… Continue Reading ““Even Though””

Bridges of Fear

There is probably not a person alive who doesn’t want to have more faith: faith in their relationships, faith in their work skills, faith in sharing talent, faith in travel, faith in God’s will for their lives, faith in facing a fear, the list… Continue Reading “Bridges of Fear”

The Illusionist

Recently I was reading an article about an illusionist. The journalist interviewing him tried to ply him for the secret of a certain illusion. Of course, the entertainer was not going to reveal his methods. Such a revelation would ruin his act. Many years… Continue Reading “The Illusionist”

When We Want Another Way

We’ve all experienced blah days when we lack motivation. We’ve also experienced days when fear of something to face makes us want to stay in bed all day, hoping it will all go away. Even so, most of the time we throw the bed… Continue Reading “When We Want Another Way”

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