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Hearing and Listening

Listening is an interesting thing.  It’s actually an art to be developed.  Listening to many doesn’t come easy.  We confuse listening with hearing, but there is a subtle difference.  Hearing is a physical receptor coming into our ears.  Listening goes a step further and… Continue Reading “Hearing and Listening”

It’s Like Strawberry Preserves

There is a verse found in Psalm 121:7 that can be cause for confusion.  It tells us, “The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.”  Upon reading this we can immediately bring to our memory all sorts of life situations… Continue Reading “It’s Like Strawberry Preserves”

In The Nick of Time

There is a familiar story in Matthew 14:22-36. It’s the story of Jesus walking on the water, but that’s not the main point of what was happening here. Previously to this event, Jesus fed thousands of people with only five loaves of bread and… Continue Reading “In The Nick of Time”

When Our Hair Is Messed Up

I was reading in the first chapter of James this week and was reminded of something most helpful. It’s about using tools available to us to make us stronger. It’s about looking in a mirror. A mirror tells us the truth. For example, I… Continue Reading “When Our Hair Is Messed Up”

The Key and The Shower

Our arch enemy has one goal for every Christian: to make one ineffective in his or her walk with God and to fill that one with fear and dread. Satan does not want you to be happy — ever! The Holy Spirit, by stark… Continue Reading “The Key and The Shower”


On this Good Friday I want to share something with you that was brought to my attention this week. It concerns the name of God — Yahweh. In Exodus 3:13-15, when Moses asked God His name, God replied, “Yahweh,” meaning, “I Am.” Scholars explain… Continue Reading “YHWH”

The Plight of the Moorhens

Many of you will have read the post of three weeks ago telling the story of the moorhens in our lake. Since then, the chicks have arrived; four of them. I have so enjoyed checking on them each day, watching their progress. Night before… Continue Reading “The Plight of the Moorhens”

Update: April, 2022-End Times

More Than A Slingshot

Most people are familiar with the story of David and Goliath. I read it again this week and saw a verse that I never paid much attention to before. Let me set the scene. There is a giant of a man threatening the army… Continue Reading “More Than A Slingshot”

To Be Free or Not To Be Free

Most people have heard about The Ten Commandments. They are often met with negative feelings as if they’re just a bunch of “Thou shalt and thou shalt nots.” We don’t like to be controlled. Aren’t they archaic?Are they really necessary in today’s world? In… Continue Reading “To Be Free or Not To Be Free”

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