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Daniel 7 – #17 in series

These Changing Days

I remember as a child there were certain rules in our home that were steadfast. For example, my father gave me a curfew. If I was told to be home at a certain time, 30 minutes later was unacceptable. There was no watering down… Continue Reading “These Changing Days”

Living in Victory

“The love of God to people is omnipotent; there is no force in nature that can for a single moment be compared with it.” Charles Spurgeon Our world is hurting. Every government is suffering inflation and political angst. The whole world groans beneath unprecedented… Continue Reading “Living in Victory”

Daniel 9 – (#16 in series)

Mountaintops and Valleys

It’s so interesting to follow the life of the twelve disciples Jesus chose to travel with Him. In Mark 6 we come to a moment when Jesus fed the five thousand with only five loaves of bread and two fish — with twelve baskets… Continue Reading “Mountaintops and Valleys”

Daniel 9 – Daniel’s Prayer

Hearing and Listening

I’m in the process of writing my next book. In it I include a chapter on the art of listening. As I’ve been praying, writing, meditating on what God gives me to write, I have been stirred and challenged in my own heart. I… Continue Reading “Hearing and Listening”

Looking Back

I find it interesting to observe our dog, Jack, on his daily explorations. He runs ahead, whether in the woods, open fields, or along the beach. He sniffs here and there and lopes on in great happiness. He regularly glances back to see where… Continue Reading “Looking Back”

It Started in a Feeding Trough

On that night over two thousand years ago, the most wonderful event in the world happened. The King of kings and Lord of Lords came to earth! The most high and most glorious! But He arrived as a baby and He was born —… Continue Reading “It Started in a Feeding Trough”

Angel Travel

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