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Lesser Known Bible Characters – #7 in series

Stop The World-I Want To Get Off!

In 1961 a West End musical premiered in London called, Stop The World – I Want To Get Off. Since then it’s been a familiar catchphrase that one exclaims when situations in life become tough. Perhaps that saying comes to the mind of many… Continue Reading “Stop The World-I Want To Get Off!”

Training for the Olympics

Many of you, like me, enjoyed watching the recent summer olympics. I’m now looking forward to February when the winter olympics take place. I love the competition of each event, but I enjoy the stories of the various athletes, too. While they all come… Continue Reading “Training for the Olympics”

Lesser Known Bible Characters – #5 in series

Ordered and Dispatched

Since the covid crisis began, my mother and I, like many of you, have done more online ordering than ever before. We both made such an order this week. Shortly after placing our request we received an email notification stating acknowledgement and dispatch. “Your… Continue Reading “Ordered and Dispatched”

Lesser Known Bible Characters – (#4 in series)

Peering Into The Dark

The arrival of autumn truly points to winter coming. I was reminded of this as Jack, our dog, and I headed out the door at 6:00am for our first walk of the day. All through the summer months the sun would be shining brightly… Continue Reading “Peering Into The Dark”

Lesser Known Bible Characters

Tossing Out The Red Flag

Just this week I read an illustration by Dr. Tony Evans. It made me think about our attitudes toward God. I share it with you now. Dr. Evans said that a football coach, if he believes the referee made a wrong call, will toss… Continue Reading “Tossing Out The Red Flag”

Little Known Bible Characters – #2 in series

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