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Why Wasn’t Daniel In the Fiery Furnace (#4 in series)

When Shadows Darken the Way

The days are growing shorter with the arrival of Autumn. Just a few weeks ago, when I would take our dog, Jack, for his first walk of the day, it was fully light at 6:00am. Yesterday was much different. We stepped out to a… Continue Reading “When Shadows Darken the Way”

Feet of Iron and Clay – (#3 in series)

Headed For The Road

Jack, our dog, and I were walking through a wooded area where trees grow tall and foliage scents the air with luscious earthy smells. Jack was happily looking for squirrels jumping from branch to branch. We were soon coming to a road we would… Continue Reading “Headed For The Road”

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (#2 in series)

The Queen Meets The King

Yesterday the entire world heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away. The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are now in mourning as its people reflect upon her life and anticipate the sad day of her funeral. There are many things to be… Continue Reading “The Queen Meets The King”

The Book of Daniel (#1 in series)

Looking Through the Windows

I take our dog, Jack, out for his first walk at 6:00am. That time of morning is so invigorating, a lovely way to start the day. Whatever the weather the air is fresh and near silence surrounds us. We walk around the nearby lake… Continue Reading “Looking Through the Windows”

An Unwanted Flight Plan

Some years ago now, my flight from Central Asia had just landed in Istanbul. I had been up since 3:00am. It was now midday. My next flight was scheduled to leave in just an hour and a half, but no, that flight had been… Continue Reading “An Unwanted Flight Plan”

The Coach

My mother and I have been enjoying watching the European Championships this week. We especially like the aquatic sports and gymnastics. After the awards ceremonies, when gold, silver, and bronze medals are placed around the winner’s necks, the interviews take place. The athletes talk… Continue Reading “The Coach”

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