Three Trees

It was a simple dream.  As far as I recall it’s the first time I’ve dreamed my blog.  I went to sleep Thursday night without any thought of the next day’s blog.  I awoke having dreamed about three trees.  

This is my simple dream:  It had been raining hard in the night.  The sky was busy with thunder bursts and flashes of white lightening.  Then morning came.  First dim light, then bright as the sun peeked over treetops onto fields of grass.  At the edge of one field stood several trees, three were toppled over.  In my dream it was obvious that high winds had knocked the trees right over, uprooting them completely as they fell.  Upon closer look, the roots were short, almost as if the very tall trees had no roots at all.  In my dream, it was obvious to me that the trees could not withstand the force of the storm because it had no strong roots to hold them in the ground.  I woke up.

I lay in bed several minutes.  I thanked the Lord for giving me this dream.  I asked Him to help me, and all my brothers and sisters in the Lord all around the world. to keep our root system healthy.  Psalm 1 reminds us that we are like trees.  It tells us plainly that if we meditate on the things of the Lord then we, “are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.”  When the Lord is clearly the One upon whom we seek strength, courage, guidance, and wisdom, then the storms of life can whisk our branches around, but they cannot knock us over.  When we are standing tall in the Lord, no matter the tempest, we will get through filled with a tranquility that passes all understanding.

Whatever your storm today, if you feel you’re about to be knocked over, check out your root system.  Water them with God’s Holy Word.  His words are the living truth.  They withstand all storms.

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