An Encouraging Challenge

I read something this morning written by a friend named Starla Shattler.  Starla is an excellent writer with wonderful insights into God’s Word.  I was greatly encouraged after reading the following.  I hope you will be also.  She titles it:


“The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the King of Egypt told them to do.”  Exodus 1:17

“Joseph, the slave-turned-savior of Egypt, was dead, and so were all who remembered his good work during the great famine.  A Pharaoh who had forgotten his history came to power, and all he knew was that a foreign people, “many and mighty,” lived within his borders.  His fear was national security for if an enemy marched in, the Israelites might help them out.

His solution to the situation?  Slavery—ruthless, forced labor with harsh demands and long, hot days, but his plan backfired because the more bricks the slaves built, the more babies were born. “The more the Israelites were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread”(Ex 1:12).

Pharaoh’s next option? Infanticide.  He didn’t want to lose his labor force—just limit it, so he instructed the Jewish midwives to murder all baby boys at birth.  What would Shiphrah and Puah do?  The most powerful man in the world had issued an order, but the choice to comply was their own. Should they carry out Pharaoh’s command to take the babies’ lives or let them live and risk their own?
They never even hesitated.  “The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do”(Ex 1:17).  Pharaoh was unhappy and asked for an explanation. God was pleased and blessed beyond expectation. “God was kind to the midwives…and because the midwives feared God, he gave them families of their own”(Ex 20-21).

Life is full of choices, and our days are determined by our decisions—not so much how long we live but how well we live.  And how much of our lives will last.  Often it’s wise to weigh the options, but when God has spoken on a matter, don’t debate. Do the right thing, and know that obedience always brings blessing.  Some rewards appear on earth; the rest will arrive in eternity, but they will come because God is kind.

As you decide how to live today, remember that it matters not who in this world is offering opinions, proclaiming policies, or demanding the latest version of morality.  The King of Heaven has spoken in His Word, and His commands are the ones we should keep.



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