Still Strumming

The “guitar strings” are still there and may be for some time.  There is so little known about lymphatic cording.  In some women the cords last 2-3 months while in others they last a year.  Pain levels are also  individual, from very little in some to a great deal in others.  As for me, I’m still strumming along, doing all I’ve been instructed to do.  I have stretching exercises to do three times a day which has already helped tremendously with the movement of my right arm.  A week ago I couldn’t raise it above shoulder level without a good deal of pain.  Today I can already lift it straight up over my head with very little pain at all.

I also took it upon myself to use a recently learned skill.  I told my doctor about it.  She laughed but told me to carry on as it truly helps to lower the pain levels during the day all along the corded areas.  “What is this recently learned skill?” you may be asking yourself.  “Horse massage!” comes the answer.  “Nay,” you my be thinking but alas it’s true.   Now in the future I will know exactly how my horse patients are feeling.  I just hope I don’t develop a craving for hay.   While the equine massage technique is seriously helping during the day, the night time is uncomfortable.  Sometimes the skin feels like a lit match is being held above it.  This burning sensation comes and goes throughout the night and sleep is intermittent.   However, even in this I feel a sense of adventure as I wonder, who will cross my path in the future who is dealing with lymphatic cording to whom I may say, “I know how you feel.”  All I am going through now is simply boot camp.  I have to smile and be glad as I think of soldiers in training, shouting their own encouragement with the words, “no pain, no gain.”   I press on.

The incisions are almost completely healed now.  There is still some swelling and bruising but very nearly back to normal.  Therefore, I will probably be starting radiation therapy within the next two weeks.   I’ll keep you informed and as always, thank you so much for keeping me in your hearts and prayers.  Words can never fully express the encouragement you give me.  Thank you so much.

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