What? More Guitar Strings?

You already know last week was not the best concerning the guitar strings.  I grew another one and another one, and this week…..yes, another one.  I am better understanding the “web” in Axillary Web Syndrome.  I’m branching out all across my abdomen.  If it keeps on I’ll be able to do an imitation of a road map.  Last week-end was not good and it got worse.  The burning sensation truly felt like being entirely too close to a fire and twinges of pain were like quick, sharp stabs with the slightest of movement.  Then suddenly, almost as quickly as it all seemed to happen….it began to ease.  Two days ago I awoke with the burning sensation gone.  Yesterday the twinges of pain eased and today I actually feel like a normal person.  (I can hear some of you saying I’ve never been normal) 🙂    I’ve felt so well, I’ve even gone for a dog walk with a friend and her dog and felt great afterwards!

Also, this week I began taking the drug called Tamoxifen.  I’ve got a 30 day supply for now.  I’m to be aware of any particular side effects like difficulty swallowing or sudden rashes appearing.  So far, so good.  If I’m fine for this month I’ll be given a supply for 2-3 months at a time.  I will be taking this drug for the next 5 years.

I’m still waiting for an appointment to begin the Radiation Therapy.  Matters concerning that appointment got very frustrating this week.  I phoned to inquire about the appointment only to find out the Radiology department didn’t have the referral.  I then phoned my Breast Cancer Nurse and she has been wonderful.  She got right on the case, making phone calls, meeting with people from Radiology, making more phone calls.  She was like Detective Hercule Poirot, not letting the matter go.  The fault lay on the administration side of Radiology who had misplaced the referral concerning me.  My Nurse told them I am not to be put on the bottom of any pile as a referral being lost certainly isn’t my fault.  I have a feeling I will be hearing something very soon.  I’m so thankful for that particular nurse.  I have to say, I can take many things that life throws at me but administrative failures send me plunging to the depths of frustration.  Such frustration makes me cry and aggitates me to the fullest.  Isn’t it amazing how we are all so very different?  I can walk along war torn streets or be marched away by police with machine guns but for goodness sake, don’t mess up my appointment!  It’s too much to bear!

Such moments in life, after I calm down, remind me again and again of the beautiful way God has made each one of us, like pieces of a puzzle.  Standing alone and the piece doesn’t seem to fit, but standing together and it’s a part of a much larger and beautiful picture that God is designing in His plan for each of our lives.  I am reminded of the following verses:

“But God has made our body with many parts, and He has put each part just where He wants it.  What a strange thing a body would be if it had only one part!  Yes, there are many parts, but only one body.  The eye can never say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you.’  The head can’t say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you.'”  I Corinthians 12:18-21

So, to my fellow ‘parts’ out there.  Let us all press on, amidst all life throws at us, with the joy and the sadness, the unexplainable and all that makes sense, the easy and the tough, the laughter and the tears.  We are not alone; the Master Puzzle-Maker watches over all.

If I may share one other personal thing in which I would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Would you pray for my Dad?  He is retaining a great deal of fluid and swelling all over his body.  Many of you know about his heart condition.  In past years, whenever I wanted to, I could hop on a plane and be there to help him and my Mom.  For the first time ever, because of present cancer treatment, I can’t go.  How I long to be there.  Will you pray for my Dad and for his doctors as they help him?  Would you pray for my Mom in her care for him?   As always, thank you everyone.

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