Zapping complete

It was smiles, hugs, and good wishes to me from the radiologists today as I completed my last session of radiation treatment.  I saw a few of my fellow patients that I’ve seen over the weeks.  We wished each other well.  I walked down the corridor for the last time leaving prayers along the way as I left.

Praying for people I don’t know is something that has come more alive to me through this cancer journey.  I find it’s so much in my thoughts now, and what a joy it is to ask Father’s blessings on a complete stranger.  Of course, to our Father the person is no stranger at all as He knows each one of us in detail.  Perhaps that has been part of the joy for me in praying for those I don’t know.  It’s like being in a partnership with Father, praying His blessings upon someone that He is already loving and longing to bring into deeper fellowship with Himself.

For me, I’m now free until the first week of October when I have a routine check-up.  Everyone, having you with me during this journey  has been a comfort beyond the expression words can bring.  I can only thank you….and pray Father’s blessings on you too.

This may end my blogs for a time but just to let you know…..stay tuned to your email boxes. I’m right now planning a website and will greatly look forward to sharing with you through that in future days.  I’ll be emailing you with those details.  Until then, much love to each of you, and blessings of joy and peace be yours in the journeys that life has for you.

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