This Old Crate

This past Sunday evening there was a praise and worship time at the church I attend in England.  The atmosphere was sweet, lovely, and peaceful as we joined voices and hearts together.  Leading us that evening were two guitar players and a drummer.  It is the drummer I’m wanting to tell you about.

You’re probably picturing a set of various drums and cymbals but get that picture out of your mind.  This drummer has the most unusual drum I’ve ever seen.  It appears to be a rectangular wooden crate.  Nothing more – nothing less.  Joe stands it on one end – and sits on it.  Yes, sits on it.  Then he simply leans forward and with the palms of his hands he beats out the rhythm of the song.  Amazing and beautiful!  It adds so much to the worship time.

I have often looked at this crate-looking instrument and thought to myself – in my hands it would remain just that – a crate to sit on.  In Joe’s skilled hands there is no doubt of it being a genuine drum.  God does that with us.  The Apostle Paul reminds us in II Corinthians 5:17, “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation as old things are passed away and all things are become new.” (paraphrase mine)  

Ever wake up feeling like a wet rag?  Or like a truck has run over you? Or like you’re nothing more than an old, useless crate?   Cheer yourself up with a positive truth that if you are a child of God “all things are become new.”  It goes along with one of my very favorite verses: Luke 1:37, For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  That isn’t a “maybe so” – it’s an “absolutely, positively, no doubt about it – truth.  It’s God’s truth.

With those thoughts in mind, whatever you wake up feeling like today, remember – you are a new and wonderful creation – the old of yesteryear is passed away – today expect everything you need from God to be yours – you are His new creation and He loves to provide for you, to bless you,  and to use you to bless others.

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