Icy Winds And Rattling Doors

I arrived back in Alabama this week at the home of my mother.   It didn’t feel that cold the day I arrived, but the day after, cold, gusty winds appeared and temperatures plummeted.  I walked outside, and was happy to get back in as quickly as possible, when biting blasts of icy wind knifed it’s way to my bones.

It was comforting to be inside our house of warmth, but there was a concern for another family member — our partially blind cat, Kitty.  There she was, up on her wooden perch, in the screened porch which is her home.  The wind was rattling the screen door and making hissing noises through nearby tree branches.  Poor Kitty was unable to move.  Her eyes were large with fright.  Only her head would jerk in the direction of winds that she heard, but could not understand, why it was there.

My mother and I were unsuccessful in coaxing her down from her perch and into the safety of her fleece-lined kennel below.  We came back inside, both of us fretting over our frightened, little cat.

I was contemplating the situation when my mother left the room.  I thought nothing of it until she didn’t return for quite some time.  I went to the living room and peeked out the window.  There was my mother bending toward Kitty.  I could hear her crooning softly, “I love you Kitty.  Will you let me help you?  Come to me, Kitty.”  On and on went her words of love to her little cat.  My eyes were transfixed upon this touching scene.  There was my mother, speaking and singing words of love; there was Kitty, staring intently, cautiously putting out a paw to touch the figure before her.  Is it really the one who takes care of me?  Her cat stare of fear seemed to turn contemplative.  Is it the one who feeds me?  Will she truly help me?  Can I really trust her?

As I continued to watch this scene play out before me, I could not help but think that, too often in life, you and I are just like frightened Kitty.  We can give testimony of how our heavenly Father has helped us in times past.  We can share how, during such times of help, we cannot envision that we would ever fear again.  Then, unexpected winds of change gust our way.  It rattles our door of security.  We’re suddenly frozen to our spot, unable to move, questioning — is Father really helping me?

He, too, croons His words of love over us:  “I will never leave you.  I hold you with my right hand.  I shelter you beneath my wing.  I will lead you beside peaceful waters.  I will anoint your hurting places with my oil of gladness.  Come to me when you’re burdened down and I will give you rest.”  On and on go His gentle words of love and comfort.

Perhaps, like Kitty, we sit transfixed in fear, listening to the loving words offering help and comfort, but we question:  Will you really help me?  Can I truly trust you? Will you lead me to a good place?

At long last, Kitty allowed herself to be coaxed down.  Peering inside her little house, she was finally calmed.  She snuggled into her fleece.  She was ready to sleep peacefully, no matter the winds that continued to roar outside.

Are you in the midst of roaring winds of uncertainty?  Are you wanting to trust your Father, yet unable to move towards Him?  I encourage you: keep listening to His words of love.  Reach out to touch Him.  You will find He is there.  He has a plan to lead you safely to a good destination.  His love is never-ending.  It is never-failing.  It wraps itself around you, like Kitty’s fleece, giving aid to a peaceful night through any storm.

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