Alone In The Australian Bush

My friends took me to spend a few days in the Australian Bush. Our cabin was secluded. I was excited.

The first morning I decided to explore the surroundings. There were walking paths to take. As I was walking along, kookaburras were calling to each other, back and forth, louder and still louder.

Then, what did I see? Kangaroos! I looked at them; they looked at me. Just ahead, what crossed my path? A fox. There was a flutter overhead – green parrots with red heads.

The smells of the foliage were fresh, unusual – the slightest hint of some fragrance in the air. I stopped where I was for a moment, taking deep breaths to fill my lungs with this exotic fresh air. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying sounds, like whispers in treetops.

It was then the thought came – at that moment in time I was the only person in the entire world there at that spot. A thrill shivered its way up my spine. A joy nearly indescribable poured from my innermost being.

” Thank you, Father!” I called out in my heart. ” Your creation is marvelous. You are marvelous!” The presence of the Spirit of God permeated my being with sweetness.

He inhabits our praises as it says in Psalm 22:3, “You are holy; you inhabit the praises of Israel.” He inhabits our praises, too.

Whether in joyful moments or difficulties – He is there making His presence known as we praise Him.

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