Everything He Has, We Have

There is something sad when we become so fearful of situations that the fear nearly blinds us.  We can no longer see clearly what is important.  If not careful, we even begin to hallucinate, seeing or imagining things in our situations that aren’t there at all.  Thinking the best in a situation is easy for some, while thinking the worst in a situation is all others can do.  Is there any hope when we become so fearful that we are nearly paralyzed to move, and nearly blinded to truth?

Yes indeed!  There is always hope found in Jesus Christ, no matter what is going on in our lives.  The key is upon what we focus.  Too often, we focus on what we imagine that God can do for us.  Then, when our problems are not quickly taken care of, we despair because things aren’t turning out as we had hoped.  Again, the key is hope, not in what we imagine, but in all that is found in Jesus Christ.

I often remind myself of the words found in Nehemiah 10:10, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Notice what those words don’t say.  They don’t say, the joy of what God can do for you is your strength.  They say the joy of Him; the joy of Him being who He is — it is in Him and all He is that is our strength.

When we think about it, it’s all very exciting.  For example, Jesus is joy.  Jesus is compassion.  Jesus is truth.  Jesus is courage.  Jesus is wisdom.  Jesus is love.  Therefore, when we change our focus from situations that trouble us, and turn our focus upon everything that Jesus is, then we begin to sense our own joy levels rising.  When we have Jesus, we have everything that He is available to us.  He has already given to us all we need to get through life even in the most hurtful of times.  Just take it.  Too often we plead for God’s help, when really, we can begin thanking Him from the start for already being everything we need.  Everything He has, we have, too.

It is the joy of Him being everything that He is that is our strength.  When Jesus lives in us, we have all of Him,  meaning all His strength, all His joy, all His comfort, all His wisdom, all His courage, everything good, available to us.  Now, that’s something rather exciting to think about, isn’t it.

As you go into this New Year, pay attention upon what you focus.  Let it be Jesus and all that He is; it will do wonders for your daily walk in this world.

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  1. A fab focus to begin…..and go thru year with….

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