The Best Power Tool Ever!

I am often encouraged by someone’s testimony of what God has done in their life. Such a story was shared with me yesterday. It so inspired and excited me, that I asked permission to include my friend’s story in this week’s blog. Here it is in her own words:

“I lead a group of girls in a home group and we were talking one day about prayer. I kept on thinking that I pray and Jesus answers; however, I do not have much faith when it is something very big, like healing of a serious disease. I shared this with a friend, and went on with my week, just thinking about it, and trying to seek why and how to change that. Then, one morning at work around 4:00am (I work at the emergency room) someone dropped off a dead young man. He was without a pulse and not breathing. We do not know for how long. He was just dropped out of a car and left by the emergency room door. By protocol, we have to do lifesaving procedures (CPR) for 30 minutes, since we don’t know when the heart actually stopped, and since the person is still warm. The whole time I felt uneasy, so I began to pray, and all I was praying was for God to give him one more chance. The guy began to breathe 15 minutes later and another 20 minutes later he was talking! Turns out he overdosed on heroin and this was his 12th overdose. I looked him up on Facebook to find that he is a believer. The next day, I realized God used me to bring someone back to life and this is the biggest power of prayer! I still can hardly believe it! None of the doctors understand how this person came back to life and how he was able to speak so fast after this event. He is now out of the hospital. I secretly gave his name to a pastor who will contact him and try to help. I think about this person all the time. God really showed me that I am silly to think I can do little. Now, tomorrow our group meets again, and imagine how I will tell the girls! However, the most important thing, I really hope that this person will be healed from addiction because Satan is trying to steal him.”

Prayer is a powerful tool. The mind cannot even imagine what all God can do through a praying person. Prayer is the one thing that makes demons tremble. Satan does all he can do to discourage Christians from engaging in prayer. Since evil forces are so aware of the power of prayer, shouldn’t we Christians be aware, too?

The above testimony reminds me of Peter in Acts 9:40. A young woman had died. Peter was taken to the room where she lay. This is what the Scripture says, “Peter asked everyone to leave the room; then he knelt and prayed. Turning to the dead body he said, ‘Get up, Tabitha.’ She opened her eyes and sat up.”

God’s ways never change. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that, “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Peter prayed and someone was raised to life. My friend prayed and a dead heroin addict was raised to life. Like my friend said, it was silly of her to think she could do so little, when all the while, she could make a difference by using the best power tool ever! Let’s challenge each other to use our tool, and then let’s stand tall and watch our God at work!

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