Under The Hammer

There is a UK television program I enjoy watching called, “Homes Under The Hammer.”  Houses that are in decay, or perhaps absolute ruin, are auctioned off.  The buyers are then followed as they knock down walls and remodel the hovel into a magnificent home.  Afterwards, no signs are evident of its former derelict state.

Today I was reading in the New Testament book of Hebrews in 11:31-34.  The author of this book is writing to encourage those who are derelict in body and emotion to look ahead to what is promised as the finished product.  Let’s read: “Think back on those early days when you first learned about Christ.  Remember how you remained faithful even though it meant terrible suffering?  Sometimes you were exposed to public ridicule and were beaten, and sometimes you helped others who were suffering the same things.  You suffered along with those who were thrown into jail, and when all you owned was taken from you, you accepted it with joy.  You knew there were better things waiting for you that will last forever.”

If I were to ask the question, who among you wants to suffer physically and emotionally, raise your hands, no one would move, including me.  None of us chooses to suffer if we can help it, but sometimes, life takes aim and rolls a ball of disaster down our alley of peace to knock over every pin of hope on which we cling.  Sometimes the strikes come over and over.  We are battered, but there is great news; we need not walk forward in helplessness.  We are given the promise from God’s own Word that joy is ours for the taking no matter the knocks of life.

Our lives may resemble a derelict building, but our Master Carpenter is always on the scene, tearing down a wall of grief here, remodelling a room of worry there, promising a pristine outcome that will last for eternity.  Therefore, fellow travellers, let us take heart together, encouraging one another, holding each other in prayer, pressing on as one in the spirit, journeying in inner peace and joy, no matter outward pain and difficulty.

The outcome of our final destiny is out of this world!  A place of no more tears and no more worries. The journey along the way, no matter the hardships, is promised to be filled with God’s own strength, courage, and guidance to bring us through in peace and joy. Therefore, let us not fear being, “under the hammer.”

Let’s hold each other up – a smile, a prayer, a phone call, a text, a helping hand.  Love in action to help encourage through all our days.

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  1. Thanks very true.jThis world is not our home we are just passing thru.

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