A reminder from a table lamp

When I go to bed I like to read a little until my eyes start closing. Last night was no different. I turned off the overhead light, turning on the bedside table lamp and began to read. After a while I realized I wasn’t quite comfortable; my eyes were straining to see clearly. I adjusted the table lamp and began to read again. Still, something wasn’t right. I was squinting and tilting the book to see better. It was then I decided to move my pillow closer to the light. Propped up against my pillow, book open, I smiled in relief as I could see perfectly. No longer was I experiencing the discomfort of squinting and tilting and moving about. Being nearer the light I could see, I was calmed, I was joyful. All was well just because I moved nearer the light.

It was at that moment a realization popped into my mind; it’s no different in our spiritual world. You and I can come up with some pretty good ideas, but our own ideas will never outdo God’s plans. Our ways may be real good, but God’s plans are always perfect. He tells us to stay close to Him, focused on Him.

Have you ever been going along your way when you realized you weren’t fully comfortable? Perhaps you adjusted your circumstances as best you could, maybe you came up with another game plan. It was going okay, and yet, something didn’t feel right. You were still troubled. Finally, you stopped to give God your full attention. You asked Him what to do. You lifted your troubles to Him and left them there. It was then you sensed a returning peace, a quiet joy in the midst of a present difficulty. You knew why. You had come closer to the Light.

Most of you reading will be familiar with the verse found in James 4:8, “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you…” I used to think that meant that if I walked toward God, then He would start walking toward me, too. However, now I realize that isn’t the case. God is always there. When we sense we are distant from Him; it isn’t because He moved, but because we did. It is as we come closer to Him that we are fully in the Light of His leading, His comfort, His peace, His courage, His joy. The closer we move to Him, the more focused are we on the Light of His truth. We begin to become one with His ways.

Are you in a situation today, or just in a mood that seems a bit gray? Are you not seeing clearly? Are you troubled or agitated? I encourage you to actively — move closer to the Light. Everything is clearer, more peaceful, and joy is sweet when we are fully in the Light.

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