When God Sits With Us

Although my mother and I live in England, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with great joy. It was such fun being in the kitchen together preparing our special meal. For me, I love this holiday better than Christmas. It’s a time set aside to remember blessings and people for whom we are truly thankful. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year.

The fun of the day deepened as we contacted friends in America and many of them contacted us, too. Although an ocean separates us, the sound of their familiar voices, or receiving texts and messages brought us together. In our hearts the miles no longer kept us apart. We were with them in that moment, celebrating and sharing in that spirit of thankfulness.

This morning, for breakfast, I had leftover potato salad and cornbread dressing. Yes, for breakfast. I’ve done that since childhood. To me, cold potato salad and cornbread dressing is even more tasty when it’s been in the fridge over night. (I confess my breakfast plate was full!) Talking with friends on the day and eating those delicious leftovers the next makes Thanksgiving Day live on and on.

As I was reveling in these thoughts, Psalm 22:3 came to mind, “But You are holy, You who inhabit the praises of Israel.” The Hebrew word for inhabit is yashab which means to sit with, rest with, dwell with. Thinking of this on Thanksgiving Day was extra warm in my heart. Friends and family cannot always physically be with us, but God Himself is. As thoughts go toward my Heavenly Father, toward Jesus, toward the Holy Spirit, He is right there with me. He sits with me, rests with me, dwells with me. He is with each of His children who talk with Him, listen to him, and rest in His presence. Isn’t that a comforting reality.

God is with us always. His very presence indwells us. That is why His own peace is readily available to us at all times. His guidance is right there along with His courage. He never leaves us. I smile with the image of Him sitting with me, resting with me, dwelling with me. That reality makes everyday a day of Thanksgiving.

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