To Prosper or Not to Prosper

There are many verses in God’s Word about prospering, and there are many Christians who misunderstand those verses. They read the word “prosper” and mistakingly think of material riches, but God promises something of far greater value. Material things will eventually fade away, and they cannot guarantee our happiness. Many are the stories of rich people who died in misery.

Our Heavenly Father promises something that won’t fade; something that brings inner peace, joy, and strength that the world can neither give nor steal away. When difficult times come, don’t we want courage? When grief enters, don’t we want peace? When hardships strike, don’t we want joy? The secret to all of this is described in Psalm 1.

God gives us a blueprint to prosper here. Simply put, it’s all to do with our choices. If we choose not to copy the ways of those who blatantly disregard God, mocking His ways; deciding instead to focus on God’s Word, meditating on it everyday, then we will prosper. This Psalm tells us we will be “like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” So, what exactly is this prospering? It means we may cry but inner joy will bubble. We may be angered but peace will win within. We may be weakened in our spirit, but God’s own strength will prevail within us.

Just this week I received the unexpected news that someone who had become dear to me had passed away. Upon reading those words I felt a jolt! Oh no! A surge of sadness washed over me, but it did not overcome me. Along with the jolt came the reminder that my friend was now whole, ecstatic with joy in the presence of Jesus, and we would definitely meet again, when I, too, would be whole and ecstatic with joy in the presence of Jesus. As quickly as grief had come through the door, the presence of joy melted the sadness away. I was prospering in joy and peace! Oh, what riches!

You see, when we daily practice meditating upon the truths found in God’s Word, then nothing this world throws at us can knock us down. Why? Because we are rich! We prosper in the truths of God’s Holy Word. We thrive in His joy that is stronger than despondency. We sense the Lord’s peace that is deeper than any chaos. We walk in the strength of God that overpowers all else.

With God we prosper daily. We have His riches, enabling us to get through anything at all, and to do it in joy. peace, and strength. May you focus on God’s Word daily and prosper in His never-ending wealth. To focus on anything else is certain poverty.

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