Tag: Hebrews 10:24

To Be Free or Not To Be Free

Most people have heard about The Ten Commandments. They are often met with negative feelings as if they’re just a bunch of “Thou shalt and thou shalt nots.” We don’t like to be controlled. Aren’t they archaic?Are they really necessary in today’s world? In… Continue Reading “To Be Free or Not To Be Free”

When A ‘Blah’ Day Comes

Animals, like people, sometimes just have a blah day. Our dog, Jack, was having a blah day earlier this week. I could tell he wasn’t sick; he was just tired and lacked a bit of motivation. He was enjoying extra nap times in the… Continue Reading “When A ‘Blah’ Day Comes”

Logs In The Fireplace

Last weekend, my mother and I had the great joy of spending a few days with dear friends in north Alabama.  I was there to speak in their church.  They live on a wonderful farm complete with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, a one-eyed rooster,… Continue Reading “Logs In The Fireplace”

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