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A Drop In A Bucket

I have so many good memories concerning my 49 year personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I asked Him to come into my life on May 21, 1971. It remains the best, life changing decision I ever made. Because I know Jesus in the midst… Continue Reading “A Drop In A Bucket”

You Have A Goal

You have a goal.  It excites you because you envision yourself winning.  Perhaps you aim for a desired weight.  Maybe you’re going to clean out the garage which has been waiting to be done for over a year.  You might be training for the… Continue Reading “You Have A Goal”

Knowing God’s Will

Contemplating God’s will, and trying to determine what that will is for our individual lives, is a question that comes to every Christian.  We ask things like: What job or career does God want me to pursue?  What church should I attend?  Who should… Continue Reading “Knowing God’s Will”

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