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Search and Discovery

Every scientific discovery only came about because of someone searching. Moon rocks were discovered because astronauts searched for them. Miners trapped below ground are only discovered when an expert team searches for them. Hikers lost in the mountains are discovered when rangers search for… Continue Reading “Search and Discovery”

When My Dog Looks To Me

Like many dogs, Jack loves to run and play in the woods.  Finding any stick or log is a treasure to him.  It’s sheer happiness to me, also, just to watch his delight in his discovery.  He bravely jumps puddles, climbs the banks, and… Continue Reading “When My Dog Looks To Me”

Does Prayer Really Work?

Most everyone, whether they believe in God or not, has a basic understanding of the concept of prayer.  In times of trouble or great need, it is not unusual to hear anyone request a prayer be said for them.  It’s almost like prayer is… Continue Reading “Does Prayer Really Work?”

What Do I Do About It?

I have shared before, what I call, the wisdom of Lucy.  Lucy Shockney is a dear friend whom I met in France where she and her family were missionaries for many years.  God has blessed Lucy with terrific insights into everyday life.  Recently she… Continue Reading “What Do I Do About It?”

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