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The Landlord’s Responsibilities

Most people have had the experience of renting a home before they could purchase one. The renter is expected to make good decisions about keeping up the home. They are not to destroy it. They are to take good care of it. If something… Continue Reading “The Landlord’s Responsibilities”

Bending But Never Breaking

I’ve been enjoying a two week stay in Wales where I’m house and dog sitting for friends who are away on vacation. Their home is in the countryside. Every morning, Buddy the dog, and I stroll along the River Wye. It’s a lovely start… Continue Reading “Bending But Never Breaking”

Uprooted And Planted Again

The entire United Kingdom is under flood watch.  Rain has been coming in torrents, and ground water has been rising.  Fields are flooded,  along with roads, and in many cases, people’s homes.  Great damage has been done.  It’s a terrible situation for many. My… Continue Reading “Uprooted And Planted Again”

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