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Jack’s Harness and Leash

Here in the UK we’ve been having some lovely, warm summer days, but for our dog, Jack, it can be too much. The other morning we were in the park. Jack was enjoying his sniffing pursuits (I call it reading the Doggie Times) and… Continue Reading “Jack’s Harness and Leash”

The Purpose Of the Yoke

In the days of long ago, before farmers had tractors to do the work, donkeys, horses, or oxen were used to plow the fields.  A wooden crossbeam, called a yoke, would be attached across the neck of the animal with reins that the farmer… Continue Reading “The Purpose Of the Yoke”


Isn’t it sweet to watch a little child do his or her best to imitate someone they admire?  A little boy may smear shaving cream all over his face with pretenses of shaving.  He wants to be like his Dad.  A little girl is… Continue Reading “Imitating”

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