Another Good Day

How many people would be hooked up to an oxygen machine, feel exhausted after morning shaving, endure a constant “bloated” feeling from fluid retention, and still say in all sincerity while getting into bed at night, “It’s been another good day”.  That’s my Dad.

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen making waffles, Mom was making coffee,  Dad was in the den enjoying the smells of breakfast wafting through the house.  Suddenly we hear him call out, “This is the day the Lord has made.”  In unison Mom and I responded with, “Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”   We ate our waffles with a serving of syrup on the plates and gladness in our hearts.

Life is tainted with trouble.  No one escapes their share.  Life is also interspersed with happiness.  We all get that too along the way but absolute joy and peace in the middle of life’s storms?  That comes from walking with Jesus on the water but Dad gets real tired walking these days…..but hey… problem……his motto?   When you can’t walk, put on ski’s and let Jesus pull you to the boat.

As for me?  Well……it’s been another good day.

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