It happened This Morning

Yesterday was a tough day for my Dad.  His weakened legs makes it increasingly difficult to walk, and when sitting or laying down, he has to have his head just right in order to breathe easily.  Getting a deep breath is a feat.   Each day has had its own challenges and this morning was no exception.

Mom and I were in the den having that first cup of coffee for the day when I heard something like a thud.  It was a thud.  It was Dad landing on the bathroom floor.  As I got near the door I could hear him calling, “Vickie, Pat.”  “We’re here,” I said and quickly knelt beside him.  Mom was right on my heels.  I placed my arms beneath his shoulders and tried to pull up.  Nothing.  Mom had her arms around his waist and tried to pull.  Nothing.  Dad was trying to move into better position and finally managed to get to his knees.  He was now facing the toilet and holding onto the seat.  Once again we all three tried to bring him to a standing position.  Nothing.  Finally my Dad said, “Call Donnie.”  Donnie is a dear friend who lives up the road from us.  He doesn’t exactly appear as a knight in shining armor; more like a mountain of strength in a pick-up truck.  Mom was on the front porch waiting for him and I stayed with Dad.  By this time I was sharing his kneeling position with him beside the toilet.  Suddenly Dad started to laugh.  I did too.  What a predicament.

Dad said, “I’m never going to laugh at that TV advertisement again.”

“What advertisement is that?”  I asked, still chuckling with him.

“The one where that woman says, ‘I’ve faaalllllllen and I can’t get up.'”  We were nearly in hysterics.

At that moment our mountain of strength in a pick-up truck arrived.  He was wearing jeans, a camouflage t-shirt and boots.  (Personally, I like that better than shining armor)  In no time at all, he had Dad up and in his chair in the living room.  A good friend is a treasure.

Throughout the day, every now and again, Dad makes reference to his morning ordeal with, “What an episode.”  It was during one of those times of remembering the bathroom ordeal in the morning when he said, “God takes such episodes that happen to us and stirs our cup of life to make Heaven even sweeter.”

“Dad, I think God just gave that to you.”  I was touched to the core at such a statement at such a time.

“I think He did too,” said Dad.  Mom was there too.  It was an exciting moment of “holy” joy.  These are days when our hearts and minds are overtaken with a myriad of emotions.  Thank you all for your love and prayers.

A final note… guitar strings are completely gone.  I’ll be very ready indeed for the radiation therapy to begin on May 16th.

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