My father is with my Father

It was 10:20 this morning when my Dad exhaled on earth and inhaled in Heaven.  He left this present world peacefully and I know entered Heaven joyfully.  He was so looking forward to his Heavenly trip.  He spoke of Heaven so much these past three weeks and often said aloud, concerning his time on this earth, “I have been so blessed, so blessed.”  His attitude, humor, absolute faith in God, and his joyful anticipation of Heaven made his parting much easier for us all.  Of course there have been tears and I know there will be more to come.  I expect tears and times of grief;  I also expect strength of God and peace throughout.  I know we will not be disappointed in our expectations of Father being all we need Him to be.

The Memorial Service for my Dad will be 3:00 pm, Sunday, May 13th at Springfield Baptist Church in Brundidge, Alabama.  Two weeks ago my Dad asked me if I would be the main speaker at this service.  I told him it would be an honor.  I know you will pray for me and all my family at this time.

Thank you everyone, from me and all my family.

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