What Slipped Out Of The Book

I picked up a book the other day and flipped through its pages. As I did, a tiny piece of paper fell to the floor. Instantly, I recognized the hand writing to be that of my mother. Curious, I picked it up and began to read. As I did, a smile came to my face and my heart warmed. My mother had seen something that day that obviously touched her deeply; so much so, that she wrote down her thoughts. I want to share them with you now. She wrote:

“While driving along a country road I saw a beautiful little colt eating lovely green grass. She had eaten herself to the other end of the field from her mother. As she looked up, fear was in her eyes. The loving mother looked and whined to call her colt. How happy the little colt was to see her mother. She galloped as fast as she could to her mother’s side. What joy and peace to be in the shelter of her mother’s love. Aren’t we the same way when we wander away from our Heavenly Father? We lose our peace and joy, but our Father waits with open arms for our return to Him. He is a loving, forgiving God who is always there. Such love hath no man.”

When I read the above, I took a moment to thank my Father in heaven for the mother He gave me. My father often said that his ministry was all the more successful because my mother was at his side. They were indeed a terrific pastoral team, but even then, their effectiveness came because they were never a duo, but a trio, with God Himself in the middle, leading the way.

There may be those reading who, like me, are single. It doesn’t matter, because any partnership with God is a powerful force that can stand strong amidst any storm in life. Like the Apostle Paul reminds us in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?”

The example of my godly parents encouraged me to always be looking up in times of joy or despair. Not everyone has had the example of godliness in the home; even so, never forget, relationship with God Himself brings the Holy Spirit to reside within. He is our teacher and guide and comforter all along the way.  Therefore, one person plus God is always a majority.

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