The Beauty Of The Cross

When we hear the words, “the beauty of the cross,” we may understandably think of a silver or gold cross dangling from a necklace.  Sadly, even among Christians, the cross has become nothing more than an Easter subject or a jewelry selection.  I write today to encourage us all, do not forget that without the cross, all humanity would be lost and without hope.

You see, if not for the cross, humans would attempt to fill the void in their lives with points of religion that entail rules and regulations.  Of course, no one can perfectly maintain rules and regulations.  We will slip up somewhere along the way.

Thank God the cross is not about religion, nor rules and regulations; the cross is about relationship.   The cross held upon it’s roughly hewn timbers the embodiment of love, because it stretched upon those timbers, the life of Jesus that spilled out the blood of forgiveness for all mankind’s sins — no matter what those sins may be. The cross is the key to freedom.  The cross is the way of hope.  The cross points to the way of forgiveness.  The cross is the revelation of the heart of God.

If Jesus had not died on the cross, life would be senseless.  However, since Jesus did take our place for the payment of sin, everyone has opportunity to receive, not only forgiveness of all sins, but also to receive a promise of eternal life in heaven, where there will be no more tears or sorrow.  Because of the cross, we have available to us, the power of God working in our lives, showing us the way to successful and joyful living.  How weak we would be if not for what happened on the cross.  Our own attempts at triumph in life would be futile and depressing.  Thank God, that through the love of Jesus on the cross, He conquered death, gaining victory on our behalf.

The way of the cross was cruel and painful, painted in blood, leading to death — enter Jesus — and the way of the cross becomes the most beautiful object because of the love that was nailed there.  When we understand the way of the cross, we can say with Paul as he said in Galations 6:14, “As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Because of the cross, my interest in the world has been crucified, and the world’s interest to me has also died.”

Without the cross, our eyesight is limited; with the cross, our eyes are opened to the glory of heaven.  Therefore, how beautiful is the cross.


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