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Kicking Sharks

A few days ago, riding down the road, I turned on the radio. I missed the first part of an incident being reported, but what I understood was this: a man had somehow met with an accident and was treading water in the ocean.… Continue Reading “Kicking Sharks”

The Plot

So there was Jesus doing what He always did — healing the sick, offering hope to the downtrodden, feeding the hungry, revealing truth that would change lives forever.  Yet, there were those who hated Him for everything He did.  Some tried to discredit Him.… Continue Reading “The Plot”

Why Is It ‘Good’ Friday?

One wold be forgiven for wondering why today is called good; after all, it commemorates the day that Jesus died.  He was betrayed, flogged, thorns made into a crown were mockingly placed on His head, he was stripped of his clothing and nailed to… Continue Reading “Why Is It ‘Good’ Friday?”

Dirty Dishes — Again!

A sink full of dirty dishes is a part of all our lives. Today, it seemed that every time I went into the kitchen, another dirty dish was hiding in the sink! I washed the breakfast dishes, but in a very little while, a… Continue Reading “Dirty Dishes — Again!”

The Beauty Of The Cross

When we hear the words, “the beauty of the cross,” we may understandably think of a silver or gold cross dangling from a necklace.  Sadly, even among Christians, the cross has become nothing more than an Easter subject or a jewelry selection.  I write… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of The Cross”

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