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When You Are — Mad As A Hornet!

Have you ever heard someone utter those words in anger? I’ve also heard the expression, “I’m so mad I could spit!” Everyone gets angry; sometimes it’s justified anger, like witnessing a wrong done to someone, but at other times, it’s just plain old anger… Continue Reading “When You Are — Mad As A Hornet!”

Our Heart’s Most Basic Need

I know the story of man who had been in prison for many years for a crime he did not commit.  As the years passed, someone noted that he did not appear to be bitter about his predicament.  He answered that even though what… Continue Reading “Our Heart’s Most Basic Need”

The Merchant’s Story

Somehow I found myself pulled in by the lure of the crowd.  Sheer curiosity as to the number of people watching; nothing more.  I had already seen a man crucified.  It was horrid.  A man stretched out on a cross of rough timbers, his… Continue Reading “The Merchant’s Story”

An Old Blue Sewing Box

This past week my mother and I were doing a cleaning out of closets and drawers attempting to do away with those things that are worn out or that we just don’t use anymore.  As I was walking through the den, my eyes glanced… Continue Reading “An Old Blue Sewing Box”

Why Is It ‘Good’ Friday?

One wold be forgiven for wondering why today is called good; after all, it commemorates the day that Jesus died.  He was betrayed, flogged, thorns made into a crown were mockingly placed on His head, he was stripped of his clothing and nailed to… Continue Reading “Why Is It ‘Good’ Friday?”

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