Why Is It ‘Good’ Friday?

One wold be forgiven for wondering why today is called good; after all, it commemorates the day that Jesus died.  He was betrayed, flogged, thorns made into a crown were mockingly placed on His head, he was stripped of his clothing and nailed to a cross.  Mockers filed by shouting insults as He hung dying.  Why is this good?

It’s more than good; actually, it’s wonderful!  You see, to die was Jesus’ ultimate purpose.  He knew that the plan of His Father was to offer salvation to the entire world.  Jesus wanted to fulfill that plan.  It was love that compelled Him to die that terrible death.  Jesus knew all along what would happen to Him.  Did He have a choice?  Oh, yes.  He chose you and me.

You see, payment for sin required a perfect sacrifice.  Jesus was the only sacrifice that could be given for our sins.  Jesus, the perfect Son of God, was the only available perfect sacrifice.  He went willingly to the cross.  The Bible tells us in Hebrews 9:22, “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins.”  However, it doesn’t end at the cross!  The cross was the door that opened the way to our salvation.  It was the resurrection of Jesus from the dead that cemented the way for eternity.  Since Jesus rose from the dead, we too, will rise from the dead.

Where is Jesus now?  The Bible tells us that He is with His Father in heaven, and that He is right now, “preparing a place for us.”  John 14:2.  When His Father gives the word, Jesus will come again and gather us all unto Himself.  He will take us to heaven to live for eternity in that place that He Himself has prepared for us.  Isn’t that the most wonderful news?  Doesn’t it truly make today a very good Friday and it makes Sunday a glorious day of victory!

Because He conquered death, we conquer death!  Because He lives, we live!  Because He is victorious, we are victorious!  It all began on the cross.  He chose to die because of His immeasurable love.  Doesn’t that love compel us to gladly receive that gift of salvation?  To receive this gift, available to us all, one only has to truly ask forgiveness of their sins and to thank Jesus for dying on that cross.  At that moment, He will come to reside in one’s life, sealing them forever as one of His own.

Yes, this is a wonderful Friday, indeed!  Hallelujah, He died for us, rose from the dead for us, and will come again to take us to live with Him forever!

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