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Our Heart’s Most Basic Need

I know the story of man who had been in prison for many years for a crime he did not commit.  As the years passed, someone noted that he did not appear to be bitter about his predicament.  He answered that even though what… Continue Reading “Our Heart’s Most Basic Need”

The Love Of A King

A few days ago I watched a Christmas special on TV.  There was lots of singing followed by a Christmas message by pastor and author, Dr. David Jeremiah.  He shared a story he had been told many years ago.  He said it impacted him… Continue Reading “The Love Of A King”

Behind The Bells And Lights

All the stores are decorated for Christmas.  Lighted trees, inside and out, wreaths hung on the doors, arrangements of brightly colored boxes, carols playing, the salvation army ringing bells, Santa listening to excited requests of children — such happy displays of this joyful season… Continue Reading “Behind The Bells And Lights”

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