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“I Hate Myself,” she cried.

Self harming is on the rise.  Those who self harm, cut themselves, hit themselves, and burn themselves, among other things. The actions come about as a result of something deep seeded within; it’s not only self-loathing, but can be a coping mechanism for great… Continue Reading ““I Hate Myself,” she cried.”

Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes

I was watching TV the other day when an advertisement came on showing little children walking in their parents’ shoes.  There was a little girl with beads around her neck, dangling to the floor, her feet inside her mother’s high heels.  Then, a little… Continue Reading “Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes”

Behind The Bells And Lights

All the stores are decorated for Christmas.  Lighted trees, inside and out, wreaths hung on the doors, arrangements of brightly colored boxes, carols playing, the salvation army ringing bells, Santa listening to excited requests of children — such happy displays of this joyful season… Continue Reading “Behind The Bells And Lights”

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