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Where Are You, Daddy?

I was walking through a park the other day when what I came upon brought a huge smile to my face.  The scene was of a little girl and her father playing together.  First, he was pushing her on the swing until she called… Continue Reading “Where Are You, Daddy?”

We Give Thanks

This is Thanksgiving time in America; a time when we reflect upon our blessings of this past year, but everyday, anywhere, for anyone, it can be a time of thanksgiving because of this: “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in… Continue Reading “We Give Thanks”

The Day The Donkey Trusted Me

My neighbor over the road has not been well. Therefore, I have had the joy of taking care of her donkeys that live in the field behind her house. There are several adult donkeys and three little ones. I love going over each morning… Continue Reading “The Day The Donkey Trusted Me”

The Beauty Of The Wait

The whole world seems to operate in a “hurry up” mode! When we know we want something, we want it now! It’s not just today’s world. Impatience has always been a part of human nature. There’s nothing wrong with the anticipation that comes from… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of The Wait”

Who Knows The End From The Beginning?

I was just reading the story of Ruth in the Old Testament. As I did so, the thought came to me — Who knows the end from the beginning? Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at one of the characters in… Continue Reading “Who Knows The End From The Beginning?”

When God Shakes Up Our World

Many of you will remember the stories I have told of our partially blind cat, Kitty, who lives on the screened in front porch.  She’s happy in her little world.  She knows where everything is around her; all is familiar.  It’s safe.  She’s satisfied… Continue Reading “When God Shakes Up Our World”

Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes

I was watching TV the other day when an advertisement came on showing little children walking in their parents’ shoes.  There was a little girl with beads around her neck, dangling to the floor, her feet inside her mother’s high heels.  Then, a little… Continue Reading “Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes”

When Plans Get Changed

I am reminded this week that there are times in our lives when plans change or get halted altogether.  Sometimes we don’t actually like the plans that have been arranged.  In those situations we rejoice and perhaps heave a sigh of relief when it… Continue Reading “When Plans Get Changed”

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