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Don’t forget the P.S.

There is a story of two little girls playing together. One little girl said she didn’t feel very well. The other little girl said she would pray for her to feel better. The following conversation took place: “What does pray mean?” “It means talking… Continue Reading “Don’t forget the P.S.”

Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes

I was watching TV the other day when an advertisement came on showing little children walking in their parents’ shoes.  There was a little girl with beads around her neck, dangling to the floor, her feet inside her mother’s high heels.  Then, a little… Continue Reading “Walking In Mommy’s and Daddy’s Shoes”

Where Is God In All Of This?

I turn on the television news and immediately see that it’s another typical week of watching evil unfold around the world.  There’s continued uprising in Egypt, chemical attack in Syria upon their own people, a teenaged girl kidnapped but found in the mountains, a… Continue Reading “Where Is God In All Of This?”

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