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Airborne like a bullet

There is a memory that brings my mother and me into fits of giggles every time we think of the incident when she was airborne like a bullet. It was years ago when we decided to join a local gym. We bought the right… Continue Reading “Airborne like a bullet”

The Rosebud

I couldn’t stop the frustration. Sometimes having to wait for something can be disheartening, but to wait without the tiniest hint of an end can be downright exasperating! This was the wheel of aggravating thought I was on this week; the wheel would not… Continue Reading “The Rosebud”

When The Answer Is No

Earlier in the week I met with a group of friends when the conversation turned to prayer.  We began to discuss various aspects of prayer, especially requests to God that did not get answered according to what we asked.  We’ve all experienced those moments… Continue Reading “When The Answer Is No”

Feeding Donkeys

Across the United States this has been a wild weather week of freezing temps, ice and snow in places not usually found.  It has snowed in Florida and in Alabama this morning it was 19F/-6C!  A true winter wonderland of ice! I have a… Continue Reading “Feeding Donkeys”

The Beauty Of The Wait

The whole world seems to operate in a “hurry up” mode! When we know we want something, we want it now! It’s not just today’s world. Impatience has always been a part of human nature. There’s nothing wrong with the anticipation that comes from… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of The Wait”

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