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God’s Power of Attorney

It was forty-two years ago when God put me on an airplane to begin a journey with Him that would take me into many foreign countries. There have been wonderful times, tiring times, hard times, dangerous times, but always adventurous and joyful times. During… Continue Reading “God’s Power of Attorney”

Back On The Leash

It was a cold but sunny morning when I was out with our dog, Jack, for a mid-morning walk in the park. He was busy with his usual sniffing pursuits when he looked ahead and saw a familiar sight — it was his dog… Continue Reading “Back On The Leash”

Telling Jack, “No.”

Many of you have become familiar with frequent mentions of my dog, Jack.  He is loveable, funny, affectionate.  I so enjoy our walk times together.  I let him choose his routes around the neighbourhood.  It’s always interesting to see which way he decides to… Continue Reading “Telling Jack, “No.””

When The Answer Is No

Earlier in the week I met with a group of friends when the conversation turned to prayer.  We began to discuss various aspects of prayer, especially requests to God that did not get answered according to what we asked.  We’ve all experienced those moments… Continue Reading “When The Answer Is No”

Beyond Our Biggest Dreams

When we want something so badly that we feel we will burst if it doesn’t happen, the disappointment of it not coming to pass can be deep and lasting.  It’s hard when dreams are dashed and hopes for some achievement slips away.  Perhaps we… Continue Reading “Beyond Our Biggest Dreams”

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