Tag: Matthew 26:39

Who Truly Understands?

We have probably all heard the statement, or uttered it ourselves, “you don’t understand!” Parents hear their teenagers declare this. Friends say it among each other, as well as work colleagues discussing the boss. There are situations throughout life that may cause us to… Continue Reading “Who Truly Understands?”

When We Want Another Way

We’ve all experienced blah days when we lack motivation. We’ve also experienced days when fear of something to face makes us want to stay in bed all day, hoping it will all go away. Even so, most of the time we throw the bed… Continue Reading “When We Want Another Way”

God’s Power of Attorney

It was forty-two years ago when God put me on an airplane to begin a journey with Him that would take me into many foreign countries. There have been wonderful times, tiring times, hard times, dangerous times, but always adventurous and joyful times. During… Continue Reading “God’s Power of Attorney”

A Heavenly Trust

He was about to face and go through the biggest trial in history. Though innocent, He would be found guilty. He would be sentenced to death. Just before arrest and trial, He had approached His Father. “Please,” He asked, “I know everything is possible… Continue Reading “A Heavenly Trust”

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