A Heavenly Trust

He was about to face and go through the biggest trial in history. Though innocent, He would be found guilty. He would be sentenced to death. Just before arrest and trial, He had approached His Father. “Please,” He asked, “I know everything is possible for you. Can you take away this cup I am to drink? Even so, please know, I only want Your will to be done.”

We cannot fully imagine what stress Jesus was under as He awaited His time to be put to death for the sins of the whole world. The Bible tells us in Matthew 26:38 that Jesus was “crushed with grief.” When I try to envision His agony, I cannot, but I can sense His love. He loved His Father to the point of absolute trust while experiencing deepest pain. It it His trust that speaks to me.

He trusted that in the agony there would come triumph. He trusted that in death there would come life. He trusted that through obedience to His Father, sin would be conquered; thereby, those who trusted in Him would live free of sin for eternity. He trusted that He would be resurrected and live in glory. He trusted that everyone who believed in Him would also know triumph over death, and would be resurrected to live in eternal joy where no more death or pain or sorrow can be found.

If He had not trusted His Father’s plans, He would have ruined His own life — and ours. That thought in mind, perhaps it’s easier for us, too, to trust in our Father’s plans in the midst of our own agony. Because of Jesus, we will have His own strength and guidance for our journey on earth, and we have the promise of triumphant joy for eternity.

Is Father ever wrong? He’s never been wrong before. Why would He make a mistake with you or with me? There is pain along the journey, but great reward in the trust.

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