The Beauty Of The Wait

The whole world seems to operate in a “hurry up” mode! When we know we want something, we want it now! It’s not just today’s world. Impatience has always been a part of human nature. There’s nothing wrong with the anticipation that comes from wanting something so badly that you can barely stand it. That’s the excitement! Remember when you were a kid thinking about Christmas? The wait was agonizing, but when the morning arrived, oh was it worth it! If your parents had gone ahead and given you your presents in November, Christmas morning wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun. We mustn’t forget the joy that comes with the waiting.

It’s the same in our spiritual world. We tell ourselves that we trust God’s timing, but would He please hurry up? It’s impossible to imagine the mess that we’d all be in if we got things immediately when we wanted them. Refusing to wait could even be a dangerous thing.

As an example, think of babies being born. Proud parents make ready, getting bedding, cribs, clothing, and toys ready for their new arrival. At times they can hardly wait, but it’s most advantageous when the full nine months are passed before a baby is born. Premature babies have such a struggle. Some survive the early birth; sadly, others do not.

It’s best if the birth takes place at the appropriate time because very important things are taking place during the wait. In week 7, the baby’s eyelids are forming. By week 9, the baby has ear lobes and his or her own set of fingerprints! In 5 months, the baby can hear, taste, smell, feel, and see shades of light. After 6 months the baby develops lungs. If birth begins to take place in the middle of any of the above, there are difficult, and often, grieving consequences.

It’s the same in the birthing of God’s plans for our lives. We humans want to either rush things we hope for, or we want to delay things that make us afraid. We have a natural fear of the unknown, but never forget that God’s ways are always, without exception, planned with our own good in His mind.

Are you waiting for something? Remember this loving promise from God’s Word: “Therefore will the Lord wait that He may be gracious to you.” Isaiah 30:18

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