When Plans Get Changed

I am reminded this week that there are times in our lives when plans change or get halted altogether.  Sometimes we don’t actually like the plans that have been arranged.  In those situations we rejoice and perhaps heave a sigh of relief when it doesn’t come together.  At other times, a changed plan can be a huge frustration and great disappointment.

I have faced many situations that included a changed plan.  It happened again this week, but different from being a frustrating situation, I was pleased with the change.  I was due to make an international flight, but my mother had unexpected surgery, so I changed my flight plans.   As I said, this has not been frustrating in the least.  I love my mother, love being in Alabama enjoying the country life, so a delay in departure has been peaceful for me.  But what about those times when a changed plan makes one want to scream in exasperation?

For the Christian, there is a wonderful reminder from our Father’s Word:  “‘I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.'”  Jeremiah 29:11  Isn’t that truly beautiful?  Just think about it — Father God, Creator of the universe, has also created a plan, taylor-made for you and for me.  Contemplate even further — no matter how aggravating or downright infuriating a change of plans may make us feel, let us remind ourselves that the plans of our Heavenly Father are always for our good, always with our  future in mind, and always to give us hope.

Remember, too, our God is the master of change.  He changed the leper’s sores into clean flesh, water into wine, Lazareths’ death into new life, the tyrant Saul into the Apostle Paul, a storm on the sea into calm waters, and He changed you and me from being bound by sin into freedom through the blood of Jesus.

When we  take time to ponder upon God’s own thoughts about His plans for us, it puts the changes that come our way into proper perspective.   Humanly speaking, we might say, “the apple cart has been upset,” but spiritually speaking we have to say, “Father’s changing something into good for me.”   It’s what our Father does — takes what we think is bad, and makes it a blessing.

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