I’ve confessed in an earlier update that I have a real struggle when it comes to administrative failures.  I can be told, “Vickie, so sorry but you have a tumor growing out your ear,” and I can face that with great calm, but tell me, “Vickie, so sorry but your appointment has been cancelled,” and I feel my emotional joy bucket has suddenly had the bottom drop out and everything in me goes kerploosh…..drain…….

I went… kerploosh…drain….yesterday when I was about to leave for my first radiation appointment only to discover…’s been cancelled.  Did they tell me why?  No.  Any explanation at all?  No.  A new appointment given?  Not at first.  I had to get hold of my personally assigned cancer-care nurse (who has always been brilliant at helping with anything) and she got onto the case immediately.  By the end of the day I received a call telling me to come…….next week, Tuesday, June 12th.  Next week?!?!?  Another week? …sigh….

 Okay, as I’m in Britian it’s time to take their shock treatment….a nice cuppa tea.  Ummmm…Yorkshire Tea this time……strong, delcious….and yes, I must say, soothing indeed.  As the tea introduces it’s tranquility I do have to concede…..a delay really is better news than a tumor growing out my ear.

So, with my cup of tea in hand,  and knowlege of so many continued prayers on my behalf, I can……….Keep Calm and Carry On…....another British motto, sort of like, Worse things happen at sea.  What a jolly good spirit.  It got them through WWII and the London blitz, so all things considered, I’m sure it will help get me to my next appointment.

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