Very Good News

The doctor just phoned me as she promised she would.  She had very good news for me.  I have one large liver cyst and several smaller ones but they are all categorized as “simple” cysts which are always benign and nothing to be concerned about.  So…..we carry on with the treatment plan for radiation therapy.  I now begin next Wednesday June 6th for three weeks.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers on my behalf.  I’m very pleased at the news….my mother will be elated.  She couldn’t help but shed a few tears when I told her of the concerns and I suspect she will shed a few more and this time with great relief and joy.  She is still struggling with bouts of diverticulitis and a pulled muscle in her back.  Being without her “other half” of 56 years I know is a huge adjustment.  Suddenly there’s no one there to immediately share with and talk matters over.  She so appreciates all your prayers for her and all the phone calls and people checking on her.  I appreciate it too especially since I’m here and for now can’t get to her myself.  She is enjoying having one of her grandchildren with her for the next two weeks.

As always…..thank you everyone for sharing in my journey, holding me and my family up in prayer, showing your care for us, and overall filling up our cups to overflowing with your love and encouragement.

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