Hello? Can You Hear Me?

The other day a friend and I agreed to meet for lunch.  The night before our lunch date my friend phoned me.  “Hello,”  I answered as I picked up the phone.   I recognized my friend’s voice as she said,  “Hello?  Hello?”  “Hello, I’m here,” I answered again.  I could hear my friend saying once more, “Hello?  Can you hear me?  Hello?”  Over and over I spoke into the phone, telling my friend I could hear, but it was obvious by the repeated attempts, that something was wrong with our connection.  I hung up and tried to phone her.  The same thing happened.  Oh well, I thought to myself, we agreed to meet so I’ll be there tomorrow.

The next day, sure enough, my friend arrived at the restaurant the same time as I did.  We laughed about the phone call.  She said, “I was calling to confirm, but when I couldn’t get through, I just came anyway because we had already made our agreement.”  Our lunch was most enjoyable.

As I later reflected on that episode, I thought of a verse in Lamentations 3:8, “And though I cry and shout, He shuts out my prayers.”  Have you ever felt that way about God?  You call out to Him.  You feel no response, so your heart tells you that He isn’t there. You begin to believe that God is ignoring you, that He has no interest in listening to you.  Therefore, He is not going to help you.  Ever had those thoughts?

Those are the very thoughts that the enemy, Satan, wants of you.  He does everything he can to cause you to believe that God no longer cares; even perhaps, that He never cared in the first place.  What cruel lies.

You see, my friend arrived at the restaurant without being able to reach me the night before, because she knew we had already made our agreement.  She trusted that I would honor that agreement and be there.  It’s no different in our relationship with our Father.

When you call out but it appears He’s not listening, please remind yourselves that the agreements have already been made and your Father will never go back on His word.  For example, He has already told you that He will never leave you or forsake you.  He has already told you to cast all your burdens upon Him because He cares for you.  He has already told you that His unfailing love never ends and His mercies are new every morning.

He has already made His agreement with you.  Therefore, when it seems He can’t hear you on the other end of the line, please go ahead and behave according to His promises. He definitely gets all your messages and all your pleas for help.  He’s listening and responding to you as specified by all His promises.  Therefore, please show up to meet with Him regularly, because of a certainty, He is listening, already carrying out everything He has promised, moving you in the direction to receive all the good plans He has designed just for you.  Never despair at what seems like a bad connection; of a certainty, He is there, honoring his Word.


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  1. A timely reminder as our world is in chaos – call on the Lord Jesus – salvation and delieverance comes swiftly! Thank you Vickie.

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