Another Reminder From A Cat

My mother’s second cat is named Blackie.  He lives outside and is mostly only seen at meal times in the morning and evening, and once again for a bedtime treat.  As we live in the country it is not unusual for unwanted pets to be dumped out in our vicinity.  Over the years, my parents and I have all spent time taking care of, and finding homes for unwanted pets that appear scared and hungry in our yard.  Blackie was one of those strays that wandered into our lives and captured our hearts.

Therefore, he is now a Blair cat and I can tell you, it’s not a bad life.  I designed on paper a three story house (we call it the cat hotel) and a friend of ours who is a carpenter built it for Blackie.  We also constructed a special place where we feed him on a raised platform just off the ground.  While Blackie’s beginnings were dismal, he has really landed on his feet by becoming a part of the Blair household.

In the first many months of our getting to know each other, Blackie would run away every time we came out the door.  We all tried to coax him to us with kind words but each time to no avail.  He was scared and distrustful.  One day an acquaintance had stopped by for a visit when it was time to feed Blackie.  I went outside, taking his dinner with me to deliver onto his feeding platform.  He ran away as usual, only returning after we had gone back inside the house.

“Why do you bother with him?”  Our visitor asked.  “That cat doesn’t love, appreciate, or trust you.”

Without thinking, my quick reply came, “But I love him.”

For me, that was all that mattered.  I love Blackie.

I remember as I said those words, I felt a jump in my heart as I thought to myself, that is how I and so many of us often react with God.  He watches over us, provides for us, gives us direction, is faithful in always being there, has never, ever failed us in any form or fashion.  Even so, some situation or event takes place in our lives that sends us reeling in despair and confusion, but there too is God always coaxing us to Him with His kind and wise words, and there we are, running away scared and distrustful.

There are times in all of our lives when situations or events or simply the busyness of life makes it easy for us to remove our focus from the care of our Father.  Before we know it, like Blackie, we are behaving toward God as if we don’t love, appreciate, or trust Him, but there is God…still loving us, still longing that we would come to Him, still waiting, still feeding us, still building us our own cat hotel and all because He loves us.  We ignore Him, He still loves us.  We get scared and run way from His words, He still loves us.

“For God so loved the world, He gave…..”  John 3:16

God has been giving to us from the beginning of time as we know it.  He will always give to us.  He loves us.

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