Which Way Do I Go?

I arrived safely back in England this week with my flight touching down at London’s Heathrow Terminal 5.  I travel to and fro on this flight quite a lot but each time I fly there seems to be a different way to go to the Arrivals and Baggage Claim.  There are long corridors to walk down, lifts to ride (for my American friends a lift is an elevator), escalators to bring one up or down to another level, more corridors to travel, an underground train to catch, another escalator and finally the destination of Arrivals and Baggage Claim is reached, following, of course, the Passport Control.  As many times as I’ve done this journey I’m still a bit amazed when I do indeed get to the right place.  There are so many wrong corridors one could go down and who knows where they would end up.  That’s the scary thought.  How thankful I am for the clearly placed signs that constantly point the way to Arrivals and Baggage Claim.

That’s a part of my physical world.  In my spiritual world I also need clear guidance that points the way.  Without paying attention to God’s Word, looking into His guidance for daily living, turning to Him to know the way, where would I end up?  There are so many wrong corridors in life to go down.  How thankful I am for Father’s own words that show me in all situations, where to go and how to get there.

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