On The Water’s Surface

Once again, as we do every morning, Katie the dog and I were up and out the door at daybreak.  It’s a lovely time of morning, so fresh and exhilarating.  Seagulls were calling in the distance but other than that, all was quiet.  It was also a very still morning; not a leaf stirred. As we walked around the little lake where I live I looked out across the water.  For several moments I just stood and observed.  There wasn’t a ripple anywhere.  The lake’s surface shone like a mirror.  As  I continued to look, I saw across the top of the water a reflection of blue sky with pink clouds like cotton candy.  I looked up and sure enough, the blue morning sky was beautiful with it’s pink clouds parading in a streak.

As we continued our walk, Katie busy with her sniffing pursuits, and I with my eyes locked on the water’s surface, a thought came to my mind.  The lake is like our lives.  When we know Jesus and choose to walk in His ways, then we become a mirrored reflection of Him.  People look at us and see something of Jesus shining bright.  As it says in I Peter 2:9, “…show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.”

Suddenly my concentration was broken when a duck decided to slip into the water.  In an instant, the reflection of sky and clouds were gone as ripples raced across the water.  Once again a thought came; that can happen in our spiritual world too.  We can let the light of God shine in our lives, reflecting His holiness but in just a moment a ripple of sin can distort the image.

May we all pay attention to the ripples of ungodly behavior that would seek to smear God’s image in us.  We must remember, someone, somewhere is watching us.  Jesus encouraged us when He said in Matthew 5:16, “Let your Light so shine before mankind that they may see your good works and glorify God.”

May you be blessed with great joy in reflecting Jesus today.

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