Words For All Time

Many of you will have received my news about my first novel being published.  I shared that piece of news yesterday.  Already, lots of you have told me that you’ve ordered the book.  You said things to me that were greatly encouraging which I found to be of considerable relief.

Why relief?  Well, I admit that as soon as I put the word out, an anxious feeling came over me.  Thoughts came flooding in like — I hope people like my book, I hope they will be helped, I hope it’s enjoyable, I hope they like my writing style — on and on went the thoughts, and nervousness grew with every one.

That’s when it hit me!  A thought so strong hurled itself into my brain that for an instance my breath caught in my throat.  There I was agitating over my book, hoping it would be read and liked, when the fact is, the greatest book ever written sits unused and dusty on too many shelves.  Our heavenly Father’s own words are bound in a book we call The Bible.  It’s God’s love letter to us.  In that wonderful book, He shares His truths, His wisdom, His guidance.  He tells us how to live holy in an unholy world.  He tells us how to forgive when we consider some things to be unforgivable.  He reminds us of His unconditional love for us.  He warns us of the subtleties of Satan and shows us how to be wise and strong.

God’s Book is a book without mistake.  It tells of the greatest love the world will ever know.  It is continually on the best seller list and no other book will ever compare to it.  Life gets busy and hectic but let’s not forget to read what our heavenly Father has written.  He gives us words to live by and words to live joyfully and peacefully and courageously.  There is no better guidance than what God has written.  His Words are treasures; they are living words.

As it says in Proverbs 25:11, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”  

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