The Budding Of Our Lives

From the moment I arrived at my mother’s house three weeks ago, I’ve been keeping an eye on our pecan trees.  Upon first glance, I saw them standing tall and starkly barren — not a leaf in sight.  Everyday I would look up, hoping to see signs of Spring coming amidst the tree’s dark tangle of bare limbs.

Then yesterday, it happened.  I was doing some yard work when I looked up at the branches thatI knew would be there to greet my sight.  Nothing — or so I thought, but something had registered in my brain, and I looked again. Yes!  There was the evidence of Spring!  The tiniest of green buds appeared at the ends of the smallest, spidery branches.  Oh, joy!  Spring is here!

That’s when I thought of the budding of our lives.  Do you ever feel you’re at a stalemate, spiritually speaking?  Do you feel like you’re not changing into the image of Christ like you want to?  I encourage you to take heart — as long as your desire is to grow in Christ, then just keep on keeping on, focusing on Jesus and His ways,  because Spring is coming.

I think of Peter.  Remember the time when Jesus was to be crucified?  So overcome with fear was Peter, that he denied he even knew Jesus.  Peter had failed miserably, but what did Jesus do after He rose from the grave, conquering death?  He found Peter and spoke into his life the hope of Spring.  He told Peter, just wait, I’m going to make you a rock!  I’m going to build my church upon you!  Peter must have been speechless at such a proclamation, but it happened.  After the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him, Peter was indeed used mightily of God to help the early church grow strong.

Jesus is still speaking today, promising to wash your failures and weaknesses away, to make you into a mighty rock to His glory!  How amazing is that!  Don’t give up on yourself — that’s what Satan wants you to do.  Instead, keep your spiritual ears listening to the words of Jesus and your heart moving in obedience to Him — then wait — Spring is coming.  The budding of His power will evidence in your life.

Remember the words found in Philippians 1:6:

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

That’s an absolute promise!  Yes, buds of growth will come.  It’s always Springtime in our lives when Jesus is our focus.

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