Waves Of The Ocean

This week I had the pleasure of spending several days at Panama City Beach, Florida.  My mother and I took friends visiting from England.  It’s their first time to come to America; naturally therefore, their first time to set eyes on the Gulf of Mexico. What joy to watch their reactions to all they saw — dolphins leaping into the air, stingrays swam around us, a pelican did some fishing nearby, and of course, sea gulls filled the skies.

Each morning I awoke early, making my way to the beach.  Night had given way to daylight.  Only a few other people strolled along, enjoying warm waves gliding over feet.   I walked a while, then sat in the sand and stared in wonder at the beauty before me.  The vastness of this ocean always amazes me, reminding me again and again of the majesty of our Creator.

As I watched waves coming toward land one at a time, I was reminded that each individual wave, unique in itself, is still a part of the whole ocean.  The ocean gives life to the waves. The ocean is the source of strength and mightiness.  Storms may brew upon its waters causing waves to crash onto shore, but still they are one.  The ocean may be calm and still, sending waves gently pushing onto the shoreline, but they are one.  The waves cannot exist apart from the ocean.

It’s the same in the life of God’s children.  Storms may brew in our lives but we are one with our Father.  Our Father is our source of strength.  Our Father gives spiritual life to each one of us. We are one.  Jesus said to His disciples, “…apart from me you can do nothing.” How true. To attempt anything apart from God’s guidance and wisdom is like a wave trying to move apart from the ocean. It can’t be done.

I love the picture that is painted in the words of Colossians 3:3, “…your life is hidden with Christ in God.” How amazing is that! When someone becomes a child of God, they are no longer alone. Like the waves of the sea, they are a part of the family of God and of God Himself. You are hidden in Christ and Christ is in God!

What comfort to be reminded that, just as no wave can be separated from the ocean, neither can any child of God be separated from Father God. You are His and He is yours — forever.

Forever He will guide you. Forever He will give you strength to face anything. Forever He will love you. Forever He will fill you with peace in the midst of all storms. Forever you will grow stronger in holy confidence — as you understand more fully — you are in Him and He is in you.

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