What’s The Password?

In today’s technology, passwords are a must. We need a password to open our computer, do online banking, check our email, look at Facebook, book a vacation, purchase an item, or enter a particular app. We can’t just type in any word that comes to our minds. It must be the exact word in order for us to access what we desire.

It’s the same in God’s scheme of things. We desire His blessings. We crave His peace in the midst of tears and hard times. We long for His guidance to tell us what path in life to follow. What job should we take? What friends should we choose? Where should we live? Who should we marry or should we marry at all? How do we make more money? How should we spend our money? Who do we say ‘yes’ to and to whom do we say ‘no’?

Life gets so complicated. It’s fast paced. Sometimes we’re on a runaway roller coaster, scared out of our wits and having no idea how to get off the out of control pace that we’re on. What can we do?

Use the right password in order to gain entrance to God’s blessings. You see, too often we make the mistake of thinking that we can merely call out to God in a time of trouble, and presto! He will come to our aid, making all things right. When that happens, we subconsciously tell ourselves that we can now get back to living the way we want with little regard for God — until we need Him to come to the rescue again.

I assure you, that’s not how it works at all. That thinking is nothing more than using all the wrong words to retrieve blessings when there is only one correct password. What is it? Surrender. That word makes us want to back away. Something inside of us makes us fearful of surrender, but in the spiritual realm of God, there is beauty beyond words in surrender.

You see, when we surrender to God and His ways, then we are leaving behind our own flimsy attempts at victorious, joyful living. When we surrender to the notion that God must be above all else in our lives, then we leave behind selfish pursuit that always leads us away from God rather than towards Him. Surrender is not a suffocating defeat; it’s a celebration of victory when we say to God, “You and You alone are first in my life.” When we take on that attitude, we gain immediate access to God’s help, direction, plans, peace, joy, courage, and hope — all on a continual basis. When we have the right password, all else falls into proper and peaceful perspective.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33

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